Celebrate the 50th Birthday of the Caesar on National Caesar Day - May 16th!

That’s me in the white hat!

Once upon a time… I was a bartender on George Street in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I learned how to make a mean Caesar, I also learned to love and appreciate a good Caesar, with a robust flavouring of Lee & Perrins.

Then one day in June a few years ago, I posted a photo of my Caesar creation on social media (let’s just say it involved a bit of red wine & smokey bacon!) & won myself a judges seat at the famed, Calgary Stampede Caesar Contest!


Now, if you do not know what a Caesar is, I’ll explain. This cocktail was created in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 and is primarily consumed in Canada, to the tune of 350 million Caesars downed yearly.

A Caesar typically contains vodka, a caesar mix (tomato + clam juice), hot sauce (most often Tabasco sauce), Worcestershire sauce, and is served over ice in a large, celery salt-rimmed glass, and is usually garnished with a stalk of celery and a wedge of lime. 

UC Caesar Day May 16.png

Additonal Caesar Garnishes or Flavouring Ideas >>>

Pickled Beans, Pickled Asparagus, Horseradish, Bacon,
Lemon, Salt & Pepper, Pickle Spear, Olives, Steak Spice.

Vodka may be replaced by gin, tequila or rum.

Head to one of these Cochrane locations listed below

to enjoy these National Caesar Day specials!


Specialty Caesars:
Baesar Bowl
(+Corona) & Caesarita Sociabowls!


Specialty Caesars

$5.50 - $9.50

1 oz $5.99, 2 oz $9.99

*Promotion does not include the Stampede Caesar

Sakura Sushi & Grill -

The Sake Tempura Shrimp Caesar


Are you having a Caesar special tomorrow and were missed in our round-up?

Let us know - info@urbancasual.ca