Rancher's Poutine in Cochrane Does Not Disappoint!




Straight outta Montreal, this potato-fry, cheese curds and gravy concoction can cure any hankering for some hearty food (or hangover, whichever)... but oh, let me count the ways it can go so wrong.


1/ Fries that can't take their gravy! - I prefer the potato skins to be left on, but if the fries are skinless, I like them to be crisp enough to hold up to the sogginess-inducing gravy. Also, sometimes a coated fry makes a pleasing poutine addition.
2/ Clumpy, too thick gravy! - Bleck! I don't want to eat clumps of gravy, do you? Preferred poutine gravy has a smooth texture, is flavourful (not bland) and is piping hot!
3/ Cheese Curds that do NOT Melt! - See #2. If the gravy isn't hot enough, then you can't have poutine perfection. You just can't.

Presenting: the Rancher's Classic Poutine


Well, I am one pleased-as-punch poutine fan who will certainly be going back to the new Rancher's Poutine here in Cochrane.

A delightful decor, paired with options of OMG toppings (plus salads and other items that were overlooked because POUTINE!) and a 1642 Montreal Cola, makes this little slice of french fry heaven to-die-for. I eventually chose the Rancher's Classic Poutine with brisket (OMG!) because it was only my first visit and I thought, well, may as well start with the Classic and work my way through the menu (truth: I am a rather committed poutine lover).

The fries were just right, the gravy piping hot and the brisket... every poutine NEEDS brisket. Am I right?

The poutine was also not so massive that I couldn't finish it (because who the heck WASTES poutine?). 

But the Cheeseburger Poutine is calling my name, loudly. I must go back.

And you should go!

If you haven't been into Rancher's Poutine yet (it's near the M&M's and Canadian Brewhouse), get on it!







*This is not a sponsored post. I just like to eat and talk about it.*